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The amazing Recession recovery Secrets of a humble Mountain Scribbler

Do you know the smartest thing you can do during a recession? Simply put your fear aside and do the OPPOSITE of your friends and neighbors.

Case in point…

When the stock market crashed in the early-2000s, I turned a small grubstake into a small fortune.

Not by following the herd.  But by doing the opposite.

Buying the world’s most hated businesses for mere pennies on the dollar.

Anyone could have done this.  Yet few did.

Then, when house prices collapsed in 2008-09, I did the opposite again.

I bought the worst house in the best neighborhood I could afford at a huge discount.  I quintupled my money within a few years.

And during the COVID-19 panic I seized another golden opportunity to do the opposite.

I sold high in one location and bought low in another.  And arbitraged my life for a huge windfall.

It really is amazing how just a few simple contrary decisions can lead to life-changing wealth.

And right now, at this very moment, I’m preparing to do the opposite once again.

And I’d like to show you how to do the opposite too.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

My name is MN Gordon and, over the last 25 years, I’ve learned that economic recessions, without question, are the best time to get rich.

Most people don’t understand this.  They are fearful of recessions.  They are ill-prepared for them.

And because of this, they miss out on the big – life-changing – wealth building opportunities recessions have to offer.  This is a real shame.

Contrary to what most people believe, I know, for a fact, economic recessions are the best time to get rich.

I know this, because I’ve already exploited three recessions for massive, life-changing windfalls…

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...which brings me to the first secret I'd like to share with you.

Secret No. 1

Recessions Are the Best Time to Get Rich

When the recession hit that followed the dot com bubble and bust in the early-2000s, I was just a scrub fresh out of college. 

But through hard-work and extreme curiosity I was able to turn a meager grubstake into a small fortune.

The secret I discovered is to find the most unloved and unappreciated sectors, and then buy the best businesses they have to offer. 

At the time, as the technology sector crashed and burned and the economy contracted, the big overlooked opportunities were in gold, oil, and uranium.

Over the ten years from 2000 to 2010 the price of gold jumped 530 percent, the price of oil spiked 237 percent, and the price of uranium soared 785 percent.  

I got in early and rode the commodities bull higher.

But it would have all been a waste if I hadn’t discovered this next secret. 

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Secret No. 2

Get Out While the Getting Is Good

You see, I also discovered another important secret to getting rich from recessions.  That is, to get out while the getting is good.

No bull market runs higher forever.

The secret to maximizing profits while still getting out while the getting is good, is to strategically sell portions of your holdings while the market climbs.

You don’t want to sell out completely until the bull market has run its course.

But by reducing your holdings while the market jumps you book profits, and still get to benefit from the massive blow-off top that typically occurs at the end of a bull market.

This also assures you have the capital on hand to exploit future recessions and deep value investment propositions. 

This brings us to the third secret… 

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Secret No. 3

Buy When There's Blood In The Streets

This cliché is attributed to Nathan Rothschild, the 19th century baron of the Austrian Empire and head of the Rothschild banking house in London. 

If you don’t know the story, Rothschild ruthlessly applied this secret during the 1815 Battle of Waterloo.  And, in doing so, he attained one of the greatest trading profits in history.

This code is still true today.  The greatest profits are made by buying when the market has crashed.

Following the 2008-09 mortgage crisis and residential real estate crash, I put Rothschild’s advice into practice. 

I bought a single family home in Southern California less than a mile from the beach for over a 26 percent discount from what the guy who lost it to the bank paid less than 2 years before.

Yet, the only reason I was able to pull this off was because of Secret No. 2: Get Out While the Getting Is Good.

By having substantial cash on hand as a result of getting out of the commodities bull market of the early-2000s, I was able to buy a house at the market bottom…when there was blood in the streets.

Now, to be clear, this house was more than an investment.  It was a primary residence for my family. 

Nonetheless, by buying when there was blood in the streets, I was able to set my family up for a future mega windfall.

Of course, getting rich, especially during a recession, requires both offensive and defensive positions. 

This next secret rolls both into one, and it’s critically important…

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Secret No. 4

Protect Your Wealth

No one can predict the future.  Anyone who says they can is at best a liar.

Decades of financial study has shown me that the key cornerstones of the economy, like the dollar and the banks, are not as secure as they seem.

About every 50-to-100-years or so, they fail spectacularly. 

And those who are not prepared…  Those who have not taken active steps to protect their wealth…  These people are utterly destroyed.

Now, the U.S. dollar and the U.S. Treasury market both had an amazing five-decade run.

But, unfortunately, decades of reckless spending by Washington and short-sighted policies by the Federal Reserve have stressed these key economic cornerstones to a breaking point.

When exactly a significant dollar devaluation will occur is unknown.  But what is known is that this would likely coincide with an economic recession or period of extreme disruption.

Buying a small reserve of gold and silver precious metals to protect against a significant wipeout event is a prudent step for all thinking individuals.

But that’s not all…

The same factors that make wealth protection an important part of wealth building, can also be exploited for massive – life changing – profits.

These opportunities should not be missed.  Nor should the opportunity presented by this next secret. 

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Secret No. 5

Arbitrage Your Life

Arbitrage, if you’re unfamiliar with the term, is a financial strategy where an investor simultaneously buys and sells an asset in different markets to take advantage of a price difference and generate a profit.

Moving from one area to another, in effect, allows you to arbitrage your life.

I know this to be 100-percent true.  Because I’ve done it with remarkable success.

Quite frankly, I’ve had many investment wins over the years. 

Still, in my experience, the opportunity to arbitrage your life brings about more wealth and abundance – and at a much shorter duration – than most stock picks or other asset investments ever could.

When you arbitrage your life in such a way, not only do you quickly gain greater financial security and abundance.  You also discover greater freedom and new adventure.

This secret can be exploited both in good times and bad.  However, when done right, it sets you up to ride out a recession in comfort and relatively unscathed.

In fact, I’ll show you exactly how to do it, and how to employ the other secrets mentioned above, in a series of six strategy reports I wrote.

I call these six strategy reports, the Recession Recovery Kit.  And I’ll tell you all about it – including how you can obtain a FREE copy – in just a moment.

But first, a little more about me…

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But first, a little more about me...

Secrets of a Humble Mountain Scribbler

Again, my name is MN Gordon.  And I’m the founder and CEO of Direct Expressions, and publisher of the Economic Prism and Wealth Prism Letter.

You may have read some of my hard-hitting posts tackling the economy, markets, and monetary policy in leading economic and personal finance websites like:

Zero Hedge, Dollar Collapse, The Foundation For Economic Freedom, David Stockman’s Contra Corner, Talk Markets, 321gold, Resistance Press, Investing.com, Silver Bear Cafe, and many more…

To date, over 3,000,000 people from all around the globe have tuned in to hear me make sense out of all the madness and nonsense in our modern financial markets…

My hard-hitting research and analysis goes out weekly to over 70,000 readers from every livable continent on the globe…

And unlike most other folks that write about the economy and financial markets…

I have never spent a day working on Wall Street, in an investment bank, or for any political administration or DC Bureaucracy.

I was an engineer by trade who spent 25 years keeping my nose to the grindstone…

… saving my hard-earned dollars and learning to navigate the insanity that’s infected our global financial system.

Several years ago I moved my family from the chaos and madness of Southern California to the peaceful mountains of East Tennessee.  We couldn’t be happier.

Here, in the astounding beauty and tranquility of the lush mountain landscape, I remain humble and completely independent. 

My primary focus is researching and writing about the economy and financial markets.  And bringing wealth building investment opportunities to my devoted readers and subscribers. 

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A Voice for Average Investors Because That's What I Am...

Fact is… I’m just as enraged at the financial industry as you are.

I watched folks from my neighborhood growing up lose everything!

I saw my coworkers’ retirement savings go up in smoke… I saw good, honest, hard-working people get laid off…

While corporate executives and hedge fund managers got big bonuses and bailouts…

All for creating the 2008 crisis in the first place!

In the aftermath… I decided to take my market-beating methods to a larger audience with the Economic Prism, my weekly publication.

For the last 15 years, we’ve helped thousands of investors benefit from the same market-beating strategies the ultra-wealthy have been using for generations.

But in all my years of analyzing, speaking and writing about markets…

I’ve never seen anything as ground shifting as the financial calamity that’s about to steamroll average Americans all across the country…

And at the same time I’ve never seen anything like the life-changing, wealth building, windfall opportunities for the average American who has planned and positioned their assets accordingly, including you…

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Harness the Coming Chaos for Your Own Personal Life-Changing Wealth Windfall

You’ve seen the writing on the wall… greedy governments, too big to fail banks, and radical socialist politicians.

They keep getting more brazen, more desperate for power, and more eager to silence anyone who speaks out or pushes back.

As time goes on… the thriving middle class that helped make the USA a prosperous and FREE country… is becoming extinct.

In its place… corporate oligarchs and big government tyrants want to create a sprawling class of economic slaves…

Completely dependent on THEM for every basic need.

Most will be blindsided by what’s coming…

But for others – like you – it will be the OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME!

That’s why I’ve developed and published the Recession Recovery Kit.  So you can harness the coming chaos for your own personal life-changing wealth windfall.

If you follow the Recession Recovery Kit starting today… not only can you preserve your liberty and independence…

You can even profit handsomely from the chaos to come.

Your initial charge will be $4.95. You’ll then be charged $4.95 per month until you cancel.
The Recession Recovery Kit is composed of six strategy reports.

Introducing the Recession Recovery Kit A $174 Value, Yours FREE

Your initial charge will be $4.95. You’ll then be charged $4.95 per month until you cancel.

With your permission, I’d like to send a 100% digitally-delivered copy of all six proprietary strategy reports straight to your inbox — a $174 value, yours FREE.

And that’s just for starters… Because when you claim your Recession Recovery Kit today…

You’re going to get instant access to my monthly communiqué called… 

MN Gordon's Wealth Prism Letter

Inside each jam-packed monthly issue… you’ll get everything you need to build a portfolio that will protect both your wealth and your personal freedom for the rest of your days.

I’ll help you steer clear of the landmines in the financial and housing markets that can blow up your hopes for a prosperous life…

I’ll show you how to camouflage your assets from Big Governments who’ll come to raid them when their unsustainable debts become too much to bear…

And I’ll share with you how not to get suckered into the latest fad stocks and how to uncover unloved, undervalued companies, that will set you up for a lifetime of riches.

My goal is for you to become totally financially free, and even fantastically wealthy in the process.

Each month, I’m going to deliver all of my analysis straight into your email inbox.

I’ll do all the research, all the analysis, all the number crunching FOR YOU.

So you can sidestep the landmines before they blow up your portfolio and erase your hard-won gains.  Inside the MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter you’ll find…

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If You'd Like to Discover Little Known Opportunities for Outsized Returns Before Everyone Else...

You'll Absolutely Love MN Gordon's Wealth Prism Letter

My goal is to lead you and all of my subscribers – there are 1000s of them all around the world – to a lifetime of abundance!

This includes showing my subscribers how Big Government, Central Banks, and Wall Street executives are rigging the game against them.

And showing them a better, and independent path to making money in the markets…

One that allows them to grow their wealth by the day while protecting themselves from the risks of a global financial system addicted to massive amounts of debt.

These independent and well-researched insights put my subscribers miles ahead of the common herd.

You see, most people get their information from the “news”… But if you’ve been paying any attention at all… you know the mainstream media just cannot be trusted.

Yet, most people swallow the drivel they’re spoon-fed hook, line and sinker and naively believe whatever they hear on CNBC…

Which is why they take big losses when the market finally “corrects” from all the madness and insanity that’s been perpetuated.

But not me, not Wealth Prism Letter subscribers… and, I have a hunch, not you either.

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That's Exactly Why I Sent You This Message

People like you and I question the so-called “experts”.

We study and do our own research – especially when we’re told NOT to.

We do our own thinking and dig deep to uncover the truth for ourselves – especially these days.

In this regard, MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter is about much, much more than showing you market-beating investments…

Or even helping you protect your wealth from government overreach and market insanity…

It’s about finding a community that has your back in an increasingly dangerous world.

Just look at what a few of our subscribers are saying:

These words are all very kind.  But they wouldn’t mean a thing if we didn’t have the results to deserve them.

Here at MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter we’ve uncoverd and then exploited catalysts and inflection points for outsized returns time and time again, including…

I could keep going… sharing all the glowing testimonials our subscribers send us every day…

Sharing how our ideas and warnings have helped subscribers book phenomenal gains AND avoid major market downturns…

How we’re helping folks like you prepare for brutal, wealth-destroying recessions…

So you can protect yourself, your family and even your community from what’s to come.

But I’d rather you get a chance to see it for yourself when I send you your welcome package that includes your Recession Recovery Kit.

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You've Been Fighting An Uphill Battle

This is likely the first time you’ve heard of the Recession Recovery Kit

Developing it was no easy task. 

It took decades of relentless research, study, experimentation, and application.

Through vigorous testing and refinement I specifically designed it to exploit and capitalize on the unique wealth building opportunities that recessions offer. 

As outlined above, it was from my own experience that I discovered recessions are the best time to build real wealth and get rich.

And you won’t find out about this anywhere else. 

Not from your broker or financial advisor.  Certainly not at a high priced business school.

As you are well aware, the main strategy advocated by the financial services industry is to buy and hold an S&P 500 index.  They even have slick, glossy charts – that cherry pick the perfect scenario – to show you why they’re right.

Obviously, as their charts show, this works great during a lengthy bull market. 

No doubt, this approach consistently grows a retirement portfolio during good times. 

But during a bear market it’s an absolute disaster. 

A decades worth of savings can be cut in half—or more—seemingly overnight.

Has this happened to you?

Quite frankly, this has happened to far too many good, intelligent, hard-working people. 

And the financial and psychological impacts of these staggering losses are then compounded by even bigger mistakes…

Many investors, in a panic to recoup their losses, will start chasing the next hot stock. 

Some even place big bets on options or delve into risky futures markets. 

They quickly trade the remainder of what was left of their hard earned wealth away…lining the pockets of Wall Street.

Does this sound familiar?

If you’ve lost money buying and holding an S&P 500 index fund or chasing the next hot stock…it’s NOT your fault.

You’ve been fighting an uphill battle.  Wall Street brokers and financial advisors have been working against you. 

Moreover, they won’t tell you there’s a better way because they’re too fat and happy collecting fees off the back of your labors.

That’s the awful and maddening truth.  And I wanted nothing to do with it.

Like you, I knew there had to be a better way.  So I put all my energy into finding it. 

At the same time, I discovered how the money games played by the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury have created an extremely distorted market.  And how the consequences for investors can be catastrophic. 

Without understanding and accounting for this…and even capitalizing on these distortions…your hard-earned money will continue to be obliterated. 

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Get Off the Investment Rollercoaster

Fortunately, you don’t have to do this any longer. 

With the Recession Recovery Kit you can employ a proven, and well-tested method for safely building wealth and a secure retirement during both bull and bear markets…and pandemics. 

But time is of the essence…

The longer you follow main stream financial advisors, those with a vested interest in Wall Street, the longer you’ll have sub-par results. 

The longer you invest without taking measures to protect your wealth from the Fed’s destructive policies, the longer you’ll continue to suffer extreme setbacks.

Only those who make the active, life changing decision to get off the investment rollercoaster and take control of their future will rise above everything that’s been holding them back.

Of course, most people will hesitate.  They’ll let their fears and self-doubts continue to hold them back. 

And a decade from now they’ll still be stuck in the same disappointing place they are right now.

For my part, I can lead a horse to water.  But I can’t make it drink.

By this, I urge you to give the Recession Recovery Kit a try. 

Twenty years of my life went into developing these six strategy reports.  You will not find them anywhere else.

What’s more, I’d like to give you a FREE copy.

Here’s how you can get off the investment rollercoaster and get started today…

Normally, the Recession Recovery Kit would sell for $174. 

However, when you become a monthly subscriber to MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter

…you’ll receive a FREE copy of the Recession Recovery Kit

The best part is, your subscription to MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter is just $4.95 per month, and you can cancel anytime – no questions asked.

The Best $4.95 per Month You'll Ever Spend

That’s right, to get your hands on the Recession Recovery Kit all you need to do is subscribe to MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter for just $4.95 per month

That comes out to about $0.17 per day.

What’s more, you are under no obligation to remain a subscriber for any specified length of time. 

If you really wanted to, you could subscribe, download the FREE Recession Recovery Kit, and then immediately cancel your subscription.

If you choose to do this, you’ll essentially pay one month’s subscription fee of $4.95. 

Plus, you’ll get to keep the copies of the publications you received, as a thank you, for giving us a try.

Obviously, it’s to your financial advantage to stick around so you can benefit from the wealth of material and actionable information you’ll discover each month as part of your monthly subscription.  You’d be a fool not to. 

Still, we leave that choice to you.

Quite frankly, I believe you’ll find the cost of your subscription to be the best $4.95 per month you’ll ever spend.

Specifically, the investment opportunities included in MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter are not just other variations of the worn-out investment ideas of the past. 

They are unique, easy to understand, and logical — the result of decades of intensive study of inflation, deflation, recessions, depressions, and investing and wealth building.

Moreover, the investment opportunities included in MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter are identified and executed following the secrets found in the Recession Recovery Kit

Ultimately, we do the hard work for you!

As a subscriber, each month you will receive my latest research, including opportunities to build real investment wealth. 

These opportunities are written up and synthesized each month in MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter.

In addition, as already mentioned, upon subscribing to MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter, you’ll receive…

…a FREE copy of the Recession Recovery Kit.

Inside these six strategy reports you’ll find details on the proven recession recovery investment strategies I’ve developed…

…and actionable recommendations you can instantly begin using to build your own family fortune.

[Note, this newsletter and these publications are only offered in digital form as an Adobe PDF.  Hard-copy delivery is not an option].

When you subscribe to MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter your initial charge will be $4.95.

You’ll then be charged $4.95 per month until you decide you’d like to cancel your subscription.

Again, I believe you will quickly come to find the wealth of information you receive in MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter to be at a remarkable discount.

The subscription pays for itself many times over.

And I think you’ll remain with us for a long, long time. 

Of course, it is entirely your choice whether you decide to stick around or not…  

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Who Should NOT Subscribe

To be clear, MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter isn’t for everyone. In fact, it may not be for you. For instance, if you want to…
…then you should look elsewhere. MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter is definitely not for you.

Who Should Subscribe

To the contrary, if you are interested in…
…then you should absolutely, without a doubt, subscribe to MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter!
In addition, when you subscribe, you do so at minimal risk…
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Pay as You Go – Low Risk Opportunity

With all the Fed’s dollar destruction games there really isn’t much left that you can get for just $4.95. 

However, there are a few things still out there… 

For instance, you can buy a cup of good quality coffee or a couple packs of gum. 

Unfortunately, you can no longer even buy a Big Mac at McDonald’s.  That’s now well over $5.50.

And if you want fries and a soda pop with your Big Mac you are really out of luck.  Last I saw, the Big Mac, fries and a drink combo now runs over $8.

The point is, while there certainly are still some things you can buy for $4.95, there isn’t really much you can get at that price that will really improve your life each month. 

Incidentally, I believe my Wealth Prism Letter will, in fact, contribute to a significant improvement in your life.

On top of that, I’m offering it at the small nominal fee of $4.95 per month (which comes out to about $0.17 per day, mere pocket change). 

At that price there really is very little risk to you. 

If you subscribe and come to find that MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter is not for you – or does not significantly improving your life – you can cancel at any time. 

In truth, you can cancel at any time for any reason you want: No Questions Asked.

The beauty of the pay as you go offer coupled with the nominal $4.95 per month fee is that your risk is highly minimized

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On the flipside, the potential benefits are life changing. 

In fact, given the deep value you’ll receive and the many important wealth building opportunities you’ll discover, I’m confident you’ll be a long-term customer.

Most subscribers are.

When it comes down to it I know you’ll find this price to be a fantastic bargain.

Plus, this all comes in addition to the Recession Recovery Kit — a $174 value, yours FREE.

Try it yourself.  I firmly believe you’ll find it to be the best $4.95 per month you’ll ever spend.

Plus, if you cancel your subscription you can even keep the copies of the publications you received, as a thank you, for giving them a try. 

That way, you risk very little.  But the upside of life-changing wealth building is limitless.

Before closing, I’d like to take a moment to review what you’ll receive.

Upon placing your order you’ll receive immediately access to a private webpage where you can access and download monthly issues (Adobe PDF) of MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter

New issues will be published the first Monday of each month.  We’ll even send you an email notification when new issues are posted. 

In addition, you’ll receive access to and can immediately download (Adobe PDF) the six strategy reports that make up the Recession Recovery Kit – for FREE

You’ll be able to save, print, and refer to them again…and again…and again. 

[Note, these publications are only offered in digital form as an Adobe PDF.  Hard-copy delivery is not an option].

How about it?

Remember, with this simple pay as you go offer you’re merely being asked to risk $4.95 per month.  And you can cancel your subscription to MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter any time. 

If you find that it’s not right for you, just cancel your subscription and you’ll never be charged again.

To get started today, simply click the “Get Your Kit Now” button below. 

This will take you to a secure order form, where you can enter your payment information, and review the order details before submitting your order.

When you subscribe to MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter your initial charge will be $4.95.

You’ll then be charged $4.95 per month until you decide you’d like to cancel your subscription.  

Your initial charge will be $4.95. You’ll then be charged $4.95 per month until you cancel.

Thank you for reading and considering this opportunity.  But, most importantly, please take advantage of it.

Of course, it’s no skin off my back if you don’t.

But if you’re counting on traditional investing strategies to build wealth and your own family fortune you’ll be out of luck.

And if you’re counting on traditional retirement income streams to fund your golden years, you have another thing coming.

The Recession Recovery Kit offers a way out, and a means for a much better and more prosperous life.  But only for those who grab a hold if it.

The choice is yours…

Choose wisely.


MN Gordon, Editor and Publisher

Wealth Prism Letter

P.S.  This opportunity isn’t for everyone.  It may not be for you.  But, if you’re not sure, how will you ever know if you never give it a try?  Remember to get your hands on the Recession Recovery Kit outlined above, all you need to do is subscribe to MN Gordon’s Wealth Prism Letter for just $4.95 per month

P.P.S.  You are under no obligation to remain a subscriber for any specified length of time.  If you really wanted to, you could subscribe, download the FREE publications, and then immediately cancel your subscription.  If you choose to do this, you’ll essentially pay one month’s subscription fee of $4.95.  Plus, you’ll get to keep the copies of the publications you received, as a thank you, for giving us a try.

P.P.P.S.  As an added bonus, as part of your order you’ll receive a subscription to the Economic Prism Email Newsletter.  Published every Friday, the Economic Prism brings clarity to the muddy waters of economic policy and covers interesting, and potentially profitable investment opportunities.  It won’t cost you a penny.  But I believe you’ll find it to be highly valuable.

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